The Daily Record provides an easy to read snap shot view of the transactions that have occurred the previous day at the Erie County, Pennsylvania court house.  We acquire the information from multiple sources and then format it into a compact, easy to read report  that is faxed or e-mailed to our customer base. All of the information is public knowledge and available to anyone who goes to the courthouse.

information sources

Erie County Courthouse - Recorder of Deeds Office


Mortgage Satisfactions


Erie County Courthouse - Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Sales

Bankruptcy Office

Erie County Bankruptcies


Federal Courthouse

Federal Suits

Erie County Courthouse - Prothonotary

Judgments / Judgment Satisfactions



Mechanics Lien Waivers

Federal Tax Liens

Commonwealth Tax Liens

Municipal Tax Liens

Customer Segments

Our report is used by many different types of businesses for many different reasons. It’s primary benefit is to keep you informed of transactions that can impact your business.  Many times our customers relate to us that they may only get 1 or 2 pieces of information out of the report per year, but that information can protect them against loss or provide opportunities that more than pay for the subscription.

Legal - Law Offices

     Quick preview of legal activity for the previous day

     Reference for real estate department


Financial - Banks, Finance Co., Mortgage Brokers, Credit Unions, and Savings & Loan

Check to see if all business has been transacted properly

Prospecting new business

Commercial - Wholesale Distributers and Contractors

     Legal activity involving customers and suppliers



Real Estate - Real Estate Agencies and Developers

Determine Competitive Activity


Professional - Insurance Agencies and Accountants

     Legal activity involving customers and suppliers



Tradesmen - Mechanics and Craftsmen

     Legal activity involving customers and suppliers


Monthly mortgage summary

We also produce and provide a monthly mortgage summary that is utilized by local financial institutions who are interested in measuring their standing in the local mortgage business, compared to some of their competitors. This report can be a valuable tool to track the results of marketing campaigns, or Year to date trends from both your business and your competitors. Click here to view sample.


Next Steps

Take some time and review our Products pages. These pages will give you a little more insight into what we do and how you can put that information to work for you. Click here to view sample.  To take advantage of our Free Trial Offer, Click Here.


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